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We go beyond the capital without borders and aim to be the NEXT STANDARD for strategic investment. We aim to be the one stop platform to invest into new business ventures outside of the standard with our partners to enhance renewable energies and electrify the planet.

Who We Are

ICMG Partners is an Investment Firm, focusing on Renewable Energies as well as Power Grid & Infrastructure in Asia. We also invest in innovative technologies such as FinTech, IoT/Cloud Service, Food/Agri-Tech and AI to launch as a service on our existing portfolio infrastructures to boost its growth.

Our Business Model

Investment Focus

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Renewable Energy

Power Grid & Infrastructure


IoT / Cloud Service

Food & Agri-Tech



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AOS Data

Platform/Software as a Service

AOS DATA a subsidiary of AOS Technologies is a Japanese company that offers cloud and software content management platform for both companies and individuals. They provides services related to the utilization of digital assets, such as data backup “AOSBOX” and data recovery software “Final Data”, to companies, individuals, and government offices in Japan and overseas as software.


Voice-based Digital System

Hishab is the developer of a voice based digital systems interface platform and experts in vocal data analysis and biometrics. Hishab’s mission is to create a world where anyone can use software without having to learn to use it, with simple voice command and without the need of Internet, Smartphone or IT literacy. Our investment into Hishab will enable them to achieve success in their mission.

Residence Tokyo

Hospitality Real Estate

Residence Tokyo is a new-generation developer and operator in the hospitality industry. It aims to maximize the value of properties in the underutilized property market by acquiring non-operational real estate assets and scraping, redeveloping and renovating them into fully-furnished rental apartments. Apart from managing hotels that target the influx of tourists into Japan, Residence Tokyo also manages mid to long-term rental apartments catering to both business travelers and foreigners. Residence Tokyo is also a solutions provider of an empty house renovation management solution.

Inbound Tech

Business Process Outsourcing

Inbound Tech leverages on “Technology” for “Inbound” services, using Artificial Intelligence to provide real-time conversation translations in the cloud. Inbound Tech is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company that provides a multi-lingual/interpretation solution service. It focuses on multi-lingual contact center services that are available 24/7, providing services such as help desk and system monitoring. Beyond that, Inbound Tech also provides business contact center BPO services and professional sales outsourcing services.

Joint Venture

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Greenway Global Grid

Greenway Grid Global

Power Grid Investment

Greenway Grid Global is a joint venture between ICMG Partners and Two Japanese Power Electric Giants, Tokyo Power Electric Company and Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. Greenway Gird Global invests, builds, owns and operates power grid infrastructures including micro grids as well as invests in innovative technologies to be launched on its own infrastructure projects.

CleanGrid Partners

CleanGrid Partners

Renewable Energies Investment

CleanGrid Partners is a joint venture between ICMG Partners, WEnergyGlobal and Tokyo Electric Power Company. CleanGrid Partners promotes the use of renewable energy as significant contributors to green growth and provides electricity by its own smart micro grids to hundred million people without access to electricity in Asia.

TEPCO i-Frontier

Corporate Venture Capital

Tepco i-Frontiers is a joint venture between TEPCO Energy Partner and ICMG, specializing in service planning and development of TEPCO EP, and continuously producing services tailored to the diverse lifestyles of customers. The purpose of this JV is to build a platform/system to connect with end consumers.

Track Record

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Start-up Venture Co-Creation

Origgin builds a solid ecosystem for new entrants to the Tech start-up market and helps them to achieve success. Through its Venture Co-Creation (VCC™) process, Origgin helps to spin-off deep-tech research projects into start-ups that provide solutions to address business pain points. Origgin also works closely with enterprise partners and leading research institutes to discover new opportunities for growth by innovation. Till-date, Origgin has co-created more than 20 VCC companies in industries such as AI, IoT, F&B, etc.

sentient io


AI-as-a-Service was founded and incorporated in 2017 by one of Singapore’s leading technology veterans Christopher Yeo. A*ccelerate, the commercializing arm of A*STAR Singapore is one of the equity stakeholders. The core AI and data platform utilizes large amounts of datasets with self-improving algorithms. Sentient’s AIaaS is a platform created to help software developers easily and quickly discover and embed AI algorithms in their applications.



Business Ecosystem

ENLOP is a business ecosystem that enables any organization to adopt a modular plug and play approach by providing clients with tailored resources that meet their needs. ENLOP helps companies with innovation, transformation and acceleration of business expansion plans. ENLOP also provides companies with direct access to key industry players for investment funding, management expertise and intellectual capital.

Confidential Company

Data Centre Provider

A Singapore-based company offering cloud-based secure infrastructure for data centres. The product offering focuses on three core principles that are vital in the 21st century: security, availability and transparency. In addition, cloud platforms are easily scalable, suitable for large enterprise users.


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Hitoshi Funahashi

Hitoshi Funahashi


Hitoshi Funahashi is the founder of ICMG Co., Ltd and has led the top management of Japanese big companies such as Hitachi, Yamato, Tokyo Electric Power Company etc. His experience involves leading the creation of a business incubation division at Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. Hitoshi holds a MBA and Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Economics, Waseda University. He is also a member of the Subcommittee on Management and Intellectual Assets, New Growth Policy Committee, Industrial Structure Council, METI, and, Vice-Chairman (2009) and Secretary (2010) for Middle Market Business Revitalization Committee, Japan Association of Corporate Executives.

Clarence Tan

Clarence Tan


Clarence Tan is currently the founder and executive director of Origgin Pte Ltd. Origgin is a venture co-creator that commercialises and invests in deep tech startups from universities and research institutes to solve business pain points. Clarence is a serial entrepreneur who started several other technology start-ups since 1993, such as GlobalRoam Group Ltd (“GR Group”), Perfect Innovation Pte Ltd and Pinnz Pte Ltd. GR Group was the first company in Singapore to be traded on the over-the-counter exchange managed by Phillips Securities Pte. Ltd. in 2007. He holds an MBA from National University of Singapore (NUS).

Gen Funahashi


Gen Funahashi has led cross-border M&A at Deloitte and launched aircraft parts financing fund as well as managed medical device financing fund at SG based private equity fund, ACA Investments. He is currently leading ICMG Partners as a director with successfully launching joint ventures, Greenway Grid Global Pte Ltd and CleanGrid Partners Pte Ltd, investing, building and operating renewable energies and power grid infrastructures with Tokyo Electric Power Company and Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. As one of the directors at CleanGrid Partners Pte Ltd, he provides electricity by renewable energies to rural areas and islands in South East Asia with 60MMUSD funded by Tokyo Electric Power Company.

Segawa Isao

Isao Segawa


Isao Segawa joined ICMG since 2012 as CFO, managing various M&A and alliance projects. His experience involves 8 years of international trade and business investment in a general trading company, Sojitsu Corporation, overseas. He later went on to be a Board Member (and later as a Representative Director) of a business investment firm named Staff Service Investment Co., Ltd (later known as OG Investment Co., Ltd.) for a major temp agency and was involved in funding technology ventures and business revitalization of restaurants, resort hotels, golf courses, and Japanese sake manufacturers.

Cher Qi Quan


At ICMG Partners, Qi Quan manages the company’s staff operations and is involved in the Group’s business strategies. From advising TiF on new Ventures in Singapore to working closely with GGG on asset management and new business ventures in  Private Equity and Venture Industry to working with International partners on potential Investment deals and Joint Venture Projects and leading Leadership programs for various Japanese clients. He has successfully executed several key collaboration, between Japanese Corporates and International Partners. He graduated from National University of Singapore (NUS), Economics.

Lee Jun Xian


At ICMG Partners, Jun Xian’s role involves working on Deal Sourcing, Deal execution, Project Management and Venture Investment. Jun Xian’s prior work experience involves working in Venture Capital industry where he was heavily involved in sourcing and evaluating potential new startups in particular focus industries. He also comes with experience in the banking industry, having worked at the risk management division of BNP Paribas. He graduated from King’s College London with a Bachelor’s in Business Management.

Kamolkhon Jurakhonov


Kamol has extensive experience in management consulting, business development, compliance, and corporate banking. He has a track record of supporting JICA, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in infrastructure development projects in Russia, Uzbekistan, and Japan. At ICMG Partners, Kamol focus and specializes in research for up-and-coming renewable energy technologies and investment projects. He graduated with an MSc in International Political Economy from Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Momoka Ando


At ICMG, Momoka is involved in running corporate innovation programs as well as global leadership programs with Japanese companies and startups from SEA. Her role also involves building partnership models for various clients. She brings diverse working experiences to ICMG from her experience working with an F&B startup, a software MNC, and a political consultancy both in Japan and Singapore prior to joining ICMG Partners. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) from Yale-NUS College.

Lindy Woo

Accounting/Office Manager

Lindy graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from National University of Singapore (NUS) and has many years of financial reporting experience spanning across different industries.  She joined ICMG Partners in December 2019 as an Office & Accounting Manager.


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