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We go beyond the capital without borders and aim to be the NEXT STANDARD for strategic investment. We aim to be the one stop platform to invest into new business ventures outside of the standard with our partners to enhance renewable energies and electrify the planet.

Who We Are

ICMG Partners is an Investment Firm, focusing on Renewable Energies as well as Power Grid & Infrastructure in Asia. We also invest in innovative technologies such as FinTech, IoT/Cloud Service, Food/Agri-Tech and AI to launch as a service on our existing portfolio infrastructures to boost its growth.

Our Business Model

Investment Focus

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Renewable Energy

Power Grid & Infrastructure


IoT / Cloud Service

Food & Agri-Tech



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Greenway Global Grid

Greenway Grid Global

Power Grid Investment

Greenway Grid Global is a joint venture between ICMG Partners and Two Japanese Power Electric Giants, Tokyo Power Electric Company and Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. Greenway Gird Global invests, builds, owns and operates power grid infrastructures including micro grids as well as invests in innovative technologies to be launched on its own infrastructure projects.

CleanGrid Partners

CleanGrid Partners

Renewable Energies Investment

CleanGrid Partners is a joint venture between ICMG Partners, WEnergyGlobal and Tokyo Electric Power Company. CleanGrid Partners promotes the use of renewable energy as significant contributors to green growth and provides electricity by its own smart micro grids to hundred million people without access to electricity in Asia.



Business Ecosystem

Enlop is a business ecosystem that enables any organization to adopt a modular plug and play approach by providing clients with tailored resources that meets their needs.



Business Ecosystem

Origgin builds a solid ecosystem for new entrants to the Tech start-up market and help them achieve success with a vision of becoming the “starter of dreams”.

st telemedia


Data Centre Provider

Starting out in 1994, ST Telemedia has ensured that technology, innovation and deep domain expertise are at the core of what they do. STT Connect operates and builds web scale clouds using industry-leading technology without vendor lock-in. They work closely with their portfolio companies, employees and business partners to apply these principles. Once they invest in an emerging company, they help to build on its potential through our strategic and operational involvement, as well as through access to our diverse ecosystem.



Smart Electrical Sockets

EnBed is a company that specialised in Smart Electrical Sockets. They have designed a smart socket which is able to do electrical appliances tracking and monitor energy consumption. This technology is useful in smart scheduling of appliances, automated inventory management, intelligent authorization for using the building-grid (Building Firewall), and it makes the electrical grid smarter.



Autonomous System

BeeX is an autonomous marine vehicle systems technology Spin-off from the Advanced Robotics Centre of National University of Singapore. BeeX specialises in building and designing highly reliable and maneuverable marine vehicles that provide a cost-effective method to assess underwater and offshore assets.



Space IoT

NuSpace is a provider of an Internet of Things (IoT) platform with global coverage through the deployment of Nano-satellites. IoT in rural or remote areas are severely limited as they have no Wi-Fi or GSM access. With a Nano-satellite constellation, they can provide sufficient coverage. The technology that NuSpace uses is based on Galassia 2’s development. A key differentiator is that NuSpace’s Nanosatellites have payload computers that were designed by NUS, making the Nanosatellite highly versatile and efficient.



Sustainable Bamboo Composite

Founded in 2018 as a collaboration between ETH Switzerland and Origgin, Widuz aims to revolutionize the building and construction industry by providing an environmentally-friendly and sustainable alternative to traditional building materials. The potential to replace synthetic composite materials and products made thereof by the new bamboo fibre composite allows for entering structural and non-structural application markets in the building and construction, the automotive, the furniture and the consumer goods industries.



Tofu Whey Wine

SinFoo Tech is a spin off from NUS Department of Food Science and Technology. They successfully invented an alcoholic beverage that is made from soy whey.
They use biotransformation technique to turn soy whey 100% into a clear yellowish alcoholic beverage. It has floral fruity notes, quality flavour and taste and rich in free Isoflavones. The company aims to solve the problems of wasted business opportunities on disposed premium quality tofu whey, environmental pollution when tofu whey is disposed into water bodies and unpredicted supply of wines due to climate change. The invention of tofu whey wine opens up a new category of wine for consumers.



Intelligent Sensors

SoundEye has invented a device that is an intelligent sensor capable of performing emergency detection, security and baby/child monitoring. With SoundEye vulnerable do not need to wear special devices or press a button. The advance sound event classification technology enables SoundEye to accurately detect a person screaming or crying with low false alarm rate. Upon detecting a scream alert, the user can verify the scream alert by simply playing back a short audio clip –all done in less than 5 seconds of time.



Business IT Solutions

Soflogic works with preferred technology partners to continuously enhance enterprise security and partner with customers to deliver best in class integrated cyber security solutions to ensure business continuity, in order to become the world’s leading cloud-based integrated cyber security provider. Using an advanced data management platform, Soflogic has 24/7 monitoring, transnational backup capabilities and comprehensive cross-platforms support in addition to Ransomware detection/alert capability addition to backup/recover.



People Analytics & AI

Mecurics is an AI company that builds computational models for everything that makes us human, so that clients can understand people better at scale. Reviewing published scientific literature that are rigorous and peer-reviewed, in the relevant application domain. Based on this evidence, they build explainable belief models that maps sparse input data to thousands of related human constructs. Adding on the huge volume of relevant past data, Mercurics can incorporate past data into computational models that helps businesses make better and informed decisions.



Live Probiotics Beer

Founded in 2017, Probicient is a spin off from NUS Department of Food Science and Technology. Probicient developed the world’s first beer with live probiotics.
Probicient’s development of a novel unfiltered and unpasteurized sour beer with a high probiotic (Lactobacillus casei ssp. paracasei LAFTI® L26) live count is able to address the needs of the growing number of health conscious beer consumers as well as consumers who are unable to consume probiotic beverages due to intolerance to dairy or allergies.

sentient io


AI-as-a-Service was founded and incorporated in 2017 by one of Singapore’s leading technology veterans Christopher Yeo. A*ccelerate, the commercializing arm of A*STAR Singapore is one of the equity stakeholders. The core AI and data platform utilizes large amounts of datasets with self-improving algorithms. Sentient’s AIaaS is a platform created to help software developers easily and quickly discover and embed AI algorithms in their applications.



Next Generation Thermal Technologies

NUSCOOL is designed and developed by researchers from NUS, this air-conditioning system cools hot air using water instead of chemical refrigerants and does not require a compressor. Without using chlorofluorocarbons and emitting any hot air, this makes the system very sustainable and eco-friendly.


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Hitoshi Funahashi

Hitoshi Funahashi


Hitoshi Funahashi is the founder of ICMG Co., Ltd and has led the top management of Japanese big companies such as Hitachi, Yamato, Tokyo Electric Power Company etc. His experience involves leading the creation of a business incubation division at Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. Hitoshi holds a MBA and Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Economics, Waseda University. He is also a member of the Subcommittee on Management and Intellectual Assets, New Growth Policy Committee, Industrial Structure Council, METI, and, Vice-Chairman (2009) and Secretary (2010) for Middle Market Business Revitalization Committee, Japan Association of Corporate Executives.

Clarence Tan

Clarence Tan


Clarence Tan is currently the founder and CEO of Origgin Pte Ltd and Enlop Pte Ltd., which helps to aid and fund the venture co-creation of deep tech innovation by facilitating joint development with large companies. He is also currently a director of STT Connect Pte. Ltd, a private cloud service provider and a joint venture between STT GDC Pte. Ltd. (wholly-owned by Singapore Technologies Telemedia Pte. Ltd.) and Origgin Pte Ltd. His experience involves successfully launching a number of technology start-ups, such as GlobalRoam Group Ltd, Perfect Innovation Pte Ltd, and Pinnz Pte Ltd. A graduate of the University of Southern Queensland, he pursued an MBA at National University of Singapore (NUS).

Gen Funahashi

Gen Funahashi


Gen Funahashi has led cross-border M&A at Deloitte and launched aircraft parts financing fund as well as managed medical device financing fund at SG based private equity fund, ACA Investments. He is currently leading ICMG Partners as a director with successfully launching joint ventures, Greenway Grid Global Pte Ltd and CleanGrid Partners Pte Ltd, investing, building and operating renewable energies and power grid infrastructures with Tokyo Electric Power Company and Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. As one of the directors at CleanGrid Partners Pte Ltd, he provides electricity by renewable energies to rural areas and islands in South East Asia with 60MMUSD funded by Tokyo Electric Power Company.

Segawa Isao

Isao Segawa


Isao Segawa joined ICMG since 2012 as CFO, managing various M&A and alliance projects. His experience involves 8 years of international trade and business investment in a general trading company, Sojitsu Corporation, overseas. He later went on to be a Board Member (and later as a Representative Director) of a business investment firm named Staff Service Investment Co., Ltd (later known as OG Investment Co., Ltd.) for a major temp agency and was involved in funding technology ventures and business revitalization of restaurants, resort hotels, golf courses, and Japanese sake manufacturers.

Cher Qi Quan


At ICMG, Qi Quan started off advising TEPCO i-Frontier on new Innovation Ventures in Singapore. He later moved on to work closely with Greenway Grid Global on new business ventures in the Private Equity and Venture Industry. He consecutively executed two key collaboration namely, between TEPCO i-Frontiers and Electrify (Energy P2P platform), and a new Project acquisition into one of GGG’s key focus markets. His current role at ICMG Partners covers Deal Sourcing, Deal Execution, Deal Monitoring, Project Management and New Business Creation. He graduated from National University of Singapore (NUS), Economics.

Tan Shen Yang


Shen Yang’s experience consists of providing new business intelligence solutions for public clients in Accenture and tax advisory work at Grant Thornton for global companies. At ICMG Partners, Shen Yang is working as an Associate to work on new corporate strategies and assist in on-going investment projects. His role consists of assisting senior staff members with research for new market development. He graduated from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) with a Bachelor of Accountancy.

Zaiton Leman

Corporate Affairs

Zaiton Leman joined ICMG since 2018 as a Junior Corporate Affairs member. Prior to ICMG, she held a sales and administrative role in a high growth printing company and since joining ICMG, she has continued to work on corporate administrative work for the Singapore office. Her work at ICMG looks to bridge the communication between the front and back office teams and in the future, to lead her own back office team as ICMG expands further.

Clara Low


Clara joined ICMG since 2019, assisting with the office management and support of both back-end and front office staff. Her role in ICMG looks to ensure the smooth-running of ICMG’s backend procedures, including basic accounting and administrative matters in the office. She is currently pursing her Bachelor of Arts in Marketing & Web Communications at Murdoch University.


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Singapore’s WEnergy Global, ICMG Partners and Japan’s TEPCO-PowerGrid working together on a US$100 million Fund for Clean Energy Projects in SEA

Singapore’s WEnergy Global Pte Ltd, ICMG Partners Pte Ltd and Greenway Grid Global (GGG) Pte Ltd, an investment company with Japan’s Tokyo Electric Power Company PowerGrid Inc (TEPCO-PG) as one of the major shareholders, said today that they have formed a Singapore-based investment entity of US$60 million. This entity will…
June 29, 2018


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