Consumer Energy Storage System (ESS)

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Consumer Energy Storage System (ESS)

Startup Description:

The startup was established in 2018 in Singapore to address the need for a power platform to usher in the era of 5G technologies.



The startup is looking to raise a total of USD 3.0 million for its Pre-seed funding round. The proceeds will be used for the following purposes:

  • Human capital development
  • Further development of products
  • Certification of technology
  • Blockchain R&D
  • Sales pipeline (manufacturing)



The Telecommunication market is slowly transitioning into a 5G connectivity world where devices will be able to communicate and operate at much faster capacity than the current 4G technology. To ensure the development of a 5G society, there will be many devices that need to be powered sustainably and safely for commercial deployment. One such component that has been at the centre of discussions is the safety and reliability of batteries in a 5G world.


Solution/Product/Business Model:

The startup aims to solve the key issues of the commercial battery technology and bring about a new standard of battery in the new technology world. The key value proposition that the startup's battery is able to provide is the safety features (that has been patented). In addition to that, the battery is usable for multiple purposes, recyclable, software integrated and can easily harness clean energy.


The startup has successfully conducted its initial POC in China and has assessed its viability to be deployed in markets. Currently, they have secured an order for 6,500 units for an e-micro-mobility partner. This will help the startup to spearhead into the mobility market.


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