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Internet of Things Startup

Startup Description:

Founded in 2016 by a Researcher from A*STAR focusing on Social Enterprise solutions employed in various domains: eldercare, surveillance, emergency monitoring and smart building.



The startup is looking to raise a total of SGD 2.0 million for its Pre-Series A funding round. The proceeds will be used for the following purposes:

  • New Market Entry
  • Further Technology Development
  • Human Capital Development



There are various problem statements where the startup targets:

The surveillance industry continues to rely on human vision to identify threats and often these monitoring methods are based on an installed camera.

The solutions to Emergency Monitoring & Smart buildings continue to be based on physical buttons or wearables and in most cases become difficult to verify and maintain.


Solution/Product/Business Model:

The startup has developed a technology that is able to solve all the problems. This is done through "Sound recognition" technology. Screams, cough, heartbeat, gunshot, explosion, are all possible applications of sound recognition technology that can trigger an alert to the appropriate help required. At the same time, it does not intrude on the privacy of the establishment.


The startup aims to sound-enable all IoT devices to in order to provide a higher level of  security to individuals and corporates. The startup has generated revenue from deployments of sensors in nursing homes, server room, airport, research lab, shopping mall and condominium.


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