Public-private joint investment of 900 million yen in AOS data by ICMG Co-creation Fund along with Government Fund JIC VGI

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6th July 2021

ICMG Partners Co., Ltd.

ICMG Co-creation Fund Ⅰ Investment Limited Partnership


ICMG Co-creation Fund Ⅰ Investment LP managed by ICMG Partners Co., Ltd., along with JIC Venture Growth Fund Ⅰ Investment LP managed by JIC Venture Growth Investments Co., Ltd., are pleased to announce that we have invested a total of 900 million yen in AOS Data Inc., which develops data asset management business such as cloud data, systems data, legal data, and AI data.

From its left, JIC VGI Partner Mr. Mukainaka、AOS Data CEO Mr. Haruyama、ICMG Partners COO Mr. Kikuchi

AOS Data is developing a “Data Asset Management” solution that stores data safely and supports the utilization and management of digital assets. In particular, the automatic cloud backup service “AOS BOX” has 900,000 individual users. Also, it is used by more than 4,500 corporate users. In the system maintenance software category of the BCN Award, they have won the No.1 sales for 12 consecutive years. In addition, they are developing a legal data business that received the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) Award for its success in supporting the resolution of numerous cases through digital evidence restoration, (corporate) investigations and discovery services for investigative agencies, law firms and major companies.


With this public-private joint investment by ICMG Co-creation fund and JIC VGI, AOS Data will be able to promote the development and market dissemination of the “AOS IDX” platform, and they will promote digitalization through integrating industry-type DX solutions in all industrial fields. “AOS IDX” is an industry-specific platform for promoting industrial DX, designed to combine functions based on the core engine according to various industrial fields as an enabler-type platform. It will be a comprehensive SaaS platform that can build DX solutions required by each industrial field with SaaS services by utilizing API linkage in a short period of time.


The significance of this investment is to remove “the wall of 2025,” which refers to the expected trailing of international competition and the stagnation of the Japanese economy if the existing systems that are complicated, dilapidated, or black-boxed, remains. We are going to promote DX in the whole country by automatically aggregating all kinds of data and forming a data platform that can utilize the data of various SaaS services across the board. In addition, the risk of data access is increasing, and we are also planning to contribute to the development of domestic companies with rare digital infrastructure that can encrypt and protect data like AOS data.


The ICMG co-creation fund promotes digitization through cloud backup and makes their business scaled up while utilizing the infrastructure of Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport) owned by Japan Airport Terminal and the customer base of Kiraboshi Bank. By scaling up, we will support AOS Data to become a huge data asset management company and promote the DX revolution in Japan.


【About  AOS Data】

AOS Data Inc. continues its activities to protect intellectual property with data management technology, which includes cloud data business that stores data of more than 4,500 companies and more than 900,000 domestic members in the cloud, the data recovery business that has recovered the data of customers who have lost more than 10,000 people, and the system data business, which has supported the data migration of more than 11 million customers. We are developing a data asset management business that matches the data life cycle, such as data transition, data backup, data recovery, and data erasure, and have won the No.1 sales for 12 consecutive years in the system maintenance software division of the BCN Awards. In addition, Legaltech Inc., a group company that received the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award for its technology, supported the resolution of numerous cases in the restoration investigation of evidence data and disclosure of evidence for investigative agencies, law firms, and major companies. By integrating the legal data business, we support the comprehensive protection and utilization of customers’ data assets through “data asset management” solutions including data compliance and AI / DX data, we will contribute to society.



【About JIC VGI

JIC VGI was established in July 2020 as a venture capital of the INCJ Group with the aim of promoting innovation in Japan, improving its international competitiveness, and solving industrial and social issues. Utilizing the network and catalyst function as a government fund, we are promoting value-up activities such as project creation, hands-on, and industry collaboration. In addition, through these activities, we aim to discover and develop diverse investment human resources and build a deep and diverse risk money supply base.



【About ICMG

Since its founding, ICMG Group has been leading co-creative innovation not only in Japan but also in Singapore and Silicon Valley with various stakeholders such as large listed companies, ventures, and government agencies. Most recently, ICMG Group has been providing renewable energy in non-electrified areas in Southeast Asia in collaboration with TEPCO and Chubu Electric Power. Through this co-creation fund, we aim to solve social issues and create a sustainable future together with ventures and partner companies.



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